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The Backstory

West Coast Plunge is a firefighter-owned and operated company steeped in years of hard training, fitness, and devotion to health and wellness. WCP was started with the intention of helping firefighters get healthy, stay healthy and stay in the fight.


After many versions of cold therapy recovery, we found that cold plunging and cold water submersion was the most effective. However, the cost was far too high. CEOs, and lawyers can financially afford the expense that other companies put on cold therapy. Firefighters cannot. So WCP set out to find a less costly option that maintains or surpasses the quality in both product and experience.  


We use Grizzly Coolers because they are insulated better than any tub and fit just about any body. We use Penguin Chillers because they are the highest-rated chiller on the market and can take the heat of any climate, including any Fire Station. We use a simple pump and filtration set-up to keep maintenance low and efficient.


Most importantly, we do all this with a minimal markup. We do this because we want to see one of our cold plunges in every home, gym, and Fire Station in the country. 

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